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Laser Cut Pocket – Alexandria

Alexandria is a beautiful, laser cut pocket available in any of our 18 paper choices.

Isabella James Fine Stationery - Laser Cut Pocket - Hand Calligr

Here it’s combined with hand calligraphy names, also offered through our album.  Hand calligraphy for the names is a small additional charge, while the calligraphy words used on the guest information and response cards are part of our monogram and motif collection and are complimentary to use!

Isabella James Fine Stationery - Charlotte - Reich - Savoy - Cot

Visit an Isabella James Fine Retailer to discuss the options.

After NSS – Getting Our Album Ready

Since we returned from the National Stationery Show we’ve been on cloud nine!  But….we’ve also been working like crazy.  The excitement of our first show made us want to come home and add a few things to the album.   We thought you’d like to see a little of our work in progress as well.

We had some hand calligraphy words ready to debut at the show, but once there we knew we needed more!  We originally had 24, we increased that to 36.  Some words you can combine and that’s shown in the Alexandria invitation.  We’re excited to see how our retailers will combine these for various customers.  We’re so thrilled to offer these at no additional charge; it’s just like choosing any of our motifs or monograms!   Here we show a print out so we can get the spacing of the codes just right.

Isabella James - Hand Calligraphy Words - Work in Progress

For each design we looked at the various liner choices to pair with the invitations.  Here’s a snapshot of that process.  What do you think of our ultimate choice?  More liners were also selected after we returned from New York!

Isabella James Fine Stationery - Laser Cut Pocket - Hand Calligr

With all of the choices and additions made, we started assembly on the albums.

Ink samples ready to go into the album.

Isabella James - Ink Color Choices - Work in Progress

Liners, liners and more liners.  Yes, hundreds had to be die cut (some printed too) and each envelope had to be hand lined.  No worries, it’s something we do each day!

Isabella James - Liners - Work in Progress

The albums will arrive at our new retailer partners next week.  We can’t wait for them to receive them.  We’re in a constant state of excitement!

Would you like to join our family?  It’s not too late; email us at for more information!

NSS 2016 – Recap

Wow, what an adventure…

Our first National Stationery Show was wonderful.  We met so many wonderful people and came home with a Louie!

A few weeks before we left for New York, we mailed potential retailers an invitation to come by to see our album, meet us and enjoy some engaging events.

The brochure, which is featured in our album as the Carrie invitation, is a laser cut pocket and the cards are gold, foil stamping.

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Show Mailer - Laser Cut - Skyline - Foil Stamping - Branding

Our first day, Sunday, featured a Sundaes on Sunday event.  By far the most popular of all of the events we had, so many wonderful people stopped by to learn about us.

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Sundaes on Sunday - Ice Cream Sundaes - Branding

Day two, Monday, featured the realization that morning that we had won the Louie award!  Wow, what a great start to a day!

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Louie Award - Charotte Invitation

Next up, we had Mimosas and Muffins.  Attendees enjoyed this so much.

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Mimosas and Muffins - Branding

On Tuesday, we had Notes and Totes.  Again, the reception was great!

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Foil Stamped Notes - Notes and Totes - Branding


Wonderful Wednesday featured a couple of giveaways and goodbyes to our neighbors and industry counterparts.

Each day we offered a cell phone charging station.  That day’s featured the Carrie invitation.

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Carrie Invitation - Cell Phone Charging Station - Branding

Water bottles were also available for thirsty passers-by.

Isabella James - NSS2016 - Water Bottles - Logo - Branding

We were thrilled with how many albums we sold and even the number that have been ordered after the show.  We’re still taking orders and we’ve even extended our show special since we could not respond to the last minute inquiries.  Our show special is:

$275 for the album + free freight + three $100 coupons to use on your first three orders

So, if you’re interested, sign up before June 15 by emailing us at!